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I am Anil Shanbhag, third year graduate student in the database group at CSAIL, MIT advised by Prof. Sam Madden . I completed my bachelors in Computer Science at IIT Bombay. Love to think, build things, code, travel and my bed.

I’m interested in Database Systems, Big Data Management and Data Mining/Machine Learning on the web. I currently work on making ad-hoc data analysis interactive across large scale clusters and heterogenous hardware.

I have previously worked with Srikanth Kandula at Microsoft Research – Redmond, on using approximation query techniques for big data queries and with Prof. Sudarshan on improving join enumeration in transformation-based query optimisers.


VLDB 2016 Amoeba: A Shape changing Storage System for Big Data (Demo)
Anil Shanbhag, Alekh Jindal, Yi Lu, Samuel Madden (poster) (code)
ADMS/IMDM 2016 Locality-Adaptive Parallel Hash Joins using Hardware Transactional Memory
Anil Shanbhag, Holger Pirk, Samuel Madden (slides) (code)
SIGMOD 2016 Quickr: Lazily Approximating Complex Ad-Hoc Queries in Big-Data Clusters
Srikanth Kandula, Anil Shanbhag, Aleksandar Vitorovic, Matthaios Olma, Robert Grandl, Surajit Chaudhuri, Bolin Ding
VLDB 2014 Optimizing join enumeration in transformation-based query optimizers
Anil Shanbhag, S Sudarshan (slides)

Projects/ Awards/ Internships

You can have a look at my Curriculum Vitae which contains a detailed description of the various projects undertaken by me over the course of bachelors degree.


My long term career goal is to have my own tech startup solving some challenging problems related to big data management and web outreach. Being in India where a ever growing population is slowly adopting the web, I see a great opportunity. My attempts so far :-


During my sophomore year, I joined Recharge123 as a Lead Developer. Every merchant who does mobile top-up maintains seperate balance with each provider (like Vodafone, Tata, etc). We tried to change that by making Recharge123, a B2B solution for giving merchants a unified recharge portal. Our user-friendly interface clicked and had a turnover of Rs. 10 million in first year of operations. However giving the abmysically low margins, we sold off the startup to a larger player for a decent sum :-)


PeaPod Team

In the later part of my third year, I along with Ashwin Parajape, Adwait Dongare and later Palash Agarwal started working on PeaPod, which essentially borrows from the technology behind Raspberry Pi, but has more powerful hardware which transforms it from a hobbyist platform to a low-cost consumer grade PC. It was specifically tailored for Indian hinterland which has 60% penetration of mobile phones and TVs and just needed a processor to connect the two. We got a prototype working and reached the finals of Eureka! Business Plan Competition in IIT Bombay. The idea however didn’t pan out because we soon realized we needed more experience in hardware design and marketing.


Dictanote is mini MS-Word (technically called WYSIWYG editor) with multi-language speech recognizer for chrome. It started out as a hobby project but now has around 75,000+ users, averages around 1.5k pageviews per day and $700 revenue per month. You can try it out or install the Dictanote chrome app.


We (Ashwin Parajape and Myself) found that developing a website is a very mechanical task and making it look good torturous. Even with the latest frameworks like bootstrap it takes some time and effort even for a CS undergrad to make a good looking website. We thought of abstracting this process out and started making Webbify (yes this website was built using it). Right now it is the first iteration and we have thought of many customization features. Currently we know the feasibility of possible features are in the process of gauging market potential. Stay tuned ...

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The best way to contact me is to send mail to anils[at]mit[dot]edu
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